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Technology is powering the future of work. But for technology companies to take advantage of this new era of opportunity, they must adapt to dramatic changes in the workforce, customer needs, and business models. Globalization, cloud computing, mobile communications, social media, and a generation of "digital natives" are demanding rapid and continuous reinvention of how online services, software products, and digital devices are created, used, and sold.

Why Enterprise Logic?

Whether you are a CIO, CTO, product engineer, or IT manager, Enterprise Logic offers a perspective distilled from diverse and deep experience with many of the technology industry's most successful companies.

We count as our customers five of the world's top seven online companies, six of the world's top 10 software vendors, and several of the world's leading high-technology manufacturers. At Enterprise Logic, we go beyond best practices to help our clients pioneer next-generation products and transform their business processes.

Segments We Serve

Online Companies From crafting groundbreaking applications or developing new technology service models to virtualizing Website infrastructure or building out a network backbone, Enterprise Logic can help e-businesses develop, commercialize, monetize, and sustain their products and online operations.

Software Vendors Enterprise Logic has expertise in designing, building, testing, refining, and maintaining software products. And we can assist with the transition to new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business models while facilitating increasingly complex licensing management and sales processes.

High-Tech Manufacturers We are experts in helping organizations take on complex, transformational business process and product engineering initiatives, and we can help high-technology manufacturers address their most pressing business issues, such as organizational growth, product quality, time-to-market, and cost optimization.

The Travel & Hospitality industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. In a highly complex and competitive environment, companies have to achieve greater customer advocacy, retention and loyalty—all of which translates into improved financial results.

Why Enterprise Logic?

We are uniquely positioned to lead clients toward more efficient, effective, innovative and virtualized business models. We are one of the few service companies with expertise across the entire industry—from airlines, hotels and restaurants, online and retail travel, to global distribution systems, intermediaries and real-estate companies. This is why three of the Top 5 global airlines chose Enterprise Logic as their partner.

Segments We Serve

Hotels & Property Services Give your properties a competitive edge with our combination of customized solutions and industry experience.

Travel Intermediaries Our team has years of experience with leading Global Distribution System (GDS) platforms, Web services and supplier systems for airlines, hotels and car rental companies.

Restaurants & Food Services We’re the only service provider to offer BPS for restaurants and food services. Our Solution Accelerators speed time to market and improve business-IT alignment.

Travel Providers We’re the only Tier 1 service provider to cover the entire Travel & Hospitality industry, from airlines, to car rentals, to cruise operators.

Travel & Hospitality

Aircraft HUB We designed this application as a "one-stop shop" for all the critical information needed for an aircraft’s daily business operations.

mConcierge Mobility Platform This advanced platform lets hotel customers access room service and other amenities directly from their cell phones and PDAs.

Tetris Data Distribution Distribute your rates and inventory data daily. You can also share information with your sales channels in real time, without relying on costly switch companies.

Airlines Ancillary Diagnostic ToolAnalyze competitive benchmarking of 52 service offerings from 29 airlines, including food and beverage amenities, trip services, and extra baggage check-ins; graphically assess gaps and revenue opportunities.

Maturity Analyzer for Travel E-commerce Assess the overall functional robustness of your travel website across several areas, including shopping, booking, merchandizing, personalization, content management and income generation.

Online Ordering Platform Need help transitioning to online ordering? Our new solutions can help. Based on Web, mobile and SMS services, they eliminate manual errors and reduce operational costs.

Social Media Assessment Tool Benchmark your organization’s social media presence by identifying its strengths and potential areas of improvement; measure how well it stacks up against competitors.

Transportation & Logistics

For transportation and logistics companies, today's business obstacles are more daunting than ever before, with fluctuating fuel costs, an expanding base of regional suppliers, global environmental concerns and compliance with regulatory mandates. It adds up to a dynamic business landscape, where T&L companies have little control over costs and margins.

Why Enterprise Logic?

Road or rail. Marine or infrastructure. Express or post. Distributor or logistics service provider. Wherever your business fits in the T&L realm, Enterprise Logic has a proven track record of helping organizations like yours streamline operations and improve business performance. We work closely with you to understand your business needs, then apply relevant domain insights, best practices and solution accelerators to deliver tangible business results.

Solutions We Offer

STEER Framework
Our comprehensive diagnostic framework provides a 360-degree view of the supply chain and quickly identifies areas for improvement.

Mobile Pickup & Delivery (mPAD) This end-to-end solution for mobile consignment management provides real-time visibility into pickup and delivery, so you can better manage on-time performance and improve customer service.

Logistics Performance Manager (LPM) Measuring logistics and transportation performance with technology-agnostic frameworks and tools, LPM provides a systematic methodology for operational planning and process optimization.

Company Spotlight

  • Ranked one of the fastest growing IT Staffing companies.
  • Ranked "#1" staffing Supplier by 70% of our clients.
  • Ranked "Top 3" supplier by 95% of our clients.
  • Ranked one of the best companies to work for.
  • Diversity

    Enterprise Logic is a Certified Minority Company

    NMSDC Certified – National Minority Supplier Development Council

    HUB Certified – Historically Underutilized Business Certified.