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Rapid technology evolution continues to unleash dramatic change across the marketplace. Data democratization, emergence of new content formats and a plethora of devices means industry players must embrace innovative new operating models and IT platforms that move beyond cost-cutting and enhance business performance.

Business Information Services

No business information provider remains unaffected by the recent recession. While companies in the industry limp back to a semblance of normalcy, the focus is on retaining—if not growing—market share. Providing real-time, enriched information anytime anywhere in various media and a variety of delivery formats is critical for outperforming the competition. We provide end-to-end solutions along the information value chain from data collection to information delivery. Our experience with the market leaders in credit & financial information, scientific, technical & medical information and the legal, tax and regulatory information segments, gives us a natural understanding of your business and its needs. As your transformation partner, we bring expertise which helps you overcome today’s steep business challenges. Enterprise Logic’s Business Information Services practice encompasses:

  • Credit & Financial Information
  • Legal & Regulatory Information
  • Scientific, Technical & Medical Information

Market Research & Advertising

The market research business has evolved over the years with significant changes in how companies gather, analyze and deliver data, and how end consumers use this data.

Organizations like the Media Rating Council have enacted regulatory changes related to research and reporting over the years.

As a result, IT systems at most market research firms have also experienced ad hoc changes and enhancements, often becoming unmanageably complex. Companies need to look at all their IT systems and processes from a holistic perspective and make modifications to ensure better data flow, and improved integration between systems components. The aim is to improve productivity and design better systems to handle and accommodate future changes using the latest technological advancements.

Our Media Measurement framework provides insight into media allocation recommendations and optimization strategy, and quantifies ROI on advertising investment by media. We facilitate measuring the impact of an ad campaign on print, television, radio, online, out-of-home or mobile.

Our experience in media measurement includes:

  • Traditional and electronic/new media audience measurement
  • Product solution on cross-media analysis, media mix modeling, ad effectiveness tracking, etc.
  • Consulting on product monetization models, etc.

Our solutions include:

  • Integrated Online Platforms - Integrated online data collection and analysis is made simple and fast via online platforms.
  • Interactive Dashboards - Whether online or offline, interactive dashboards facilitate analytical reports and user-friendly custom reports, accessing real-time data.
  • Data Processing - Extensive quality control measures in data scrutiny, cleaning, analysis and reporting/delivery to ensure data quality, which is the key to market research success.
  • Qualitative Expertise - Our Market Research offering provides complementary expertise in qualitative research and alternate data collection methods for high-end analytics.


Multi-platform consumption. Consumer-controlled time of consumption. Multicasts with personalized advertisements. User-generated content. Changing business models. These trends are radically altering the industry landscape—and forcing broadcasters to adapt and innovate.

With practical, proven solutions for leading traditional and new media companies around the globe, we understand the critical success factors for today's broadcasters.

Enterprise Logic in Broadcasting
The rapid evolution of digital devices and consumer behavior is reinventing the broadcasting industry. Enterprise Logic's deep industry enterprise coupled with our end-to-end technology capabilities can turn your digital media strategy into reality—intelligently and cost-effectively.

Filmed Entertainment

Yes, the pendulum has swung back toward the box office (Thank you, 3D.) But studios and entertainment companies still face sobering challenges: optimizing IP rights, stabilizing the home entertainment business, and managing a supply chain steered by changing formats and delivery restrictions.

Our Entertainment practice has a rich history of providing consulting services to major studios and key industry players. Leading media and entertainment companies leverage our broad industry knowledge and project experience. In addition to offerings such as integrated IT, consulting and business process services (BPS), we offer industry-specific services that harness our in-depth knowledge of the entertainment space


Despite increasing consumer consumption, revenues are declining. Digital distribution and piracy have precipitated a steady decline in physical distribution. Meanwhile, the industry is evolving into a service, where the bulk of revenues come from concerts, merchandising and advertising. Clearly, then, improving monetization is the industry’s last, best hope.

We are an experienced partner. We’re ready to help you make the technological transformation that will drive monetization.

Print and Publishing

As if the recent downturn weren’t challenging enough, publishers and commercial printers are also facing a shift from print to digital media. Digital migration and the rise of new and mobile delivery channels—such as cell phones and e-readers—have empowered consumers. That, in turn, has forced publishers to make content available any time, any place, and in any format. For those nimble enough to meet consumer demands, opportunities abound for new strategies that drive revenue growth.

Enterprise Logic in Publishing

Traditional publishers need to realign existing investments and harness new technologies to thrive in the era of the Internet. We can help publishers boost revenues and margins by providing their customers with a richer, more personalized and more interactive experience.

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