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Enterprise Logic is a multi-million dollar end-to-end professional, minority- owned services firm that delivers high-value enterprise solutions. We are headquartered in Houston, TX. Our core expertise covers SAP consulting domains, Business Intelligence, and traditional Staff Augmentation. Enterprise Logic, Inc. partners with clients in the development, deployment and oversight of enterprise solutions.

Founded in 1992, after having served as an IT professional for 19 years on various client sites and projects, it became abundantly clear to Enterprise Logic's President, Ajay Thomas, that a disconnect existed between recruiters' knowledge and actual clients needs. Often stepping in and helping clients himself who were not being served well by non-IT recruiters and supplying them with the right IT talent based on his first- hand knowledge, word of mouth spread. This is the organic way that Enterprise Logic was born.

Having the experience of working for numerous companies such as Exxon Mobile, KBR (a division of Haliburton) HP, Symbol and many other Fortune 500 Companies under his belt, and recognizing the strong need in the marketplace for IT experienced recruiters to better serve clients' needs, this became the first inspiration and the core philosophy and mission embraced by Enterprise Logic from its inception. It is this same method and philosophy guiding Enterprise Logic even today.

Working with recruiters who are experts and former IT consultants themselves who fully understand the full range of the IT field – and the ins and outs of specific client needs - has enabled Enterprise Logic to deliver exactly the right talent to countless projects time and time again.

Needs cannot be properly met if not handled by someone who does not grasp the required scope and skills, but at Enterprise Logic, we know the exact, unique skills, and we have access to the talent that you need! This is what gives Enterprise Logic our competitive advantage.

See for yourself the Enterprise Logic difference.

Contact us today for a consultation and learn more about how we can meet your IT needs the way no else can. We can be reached at (832) 252-6777.

Enterprise Logic is proud that we have consistently been the #1 vendor at any client site. Our ability to deliver is proven!

Note that Enterprise Logic's IT talent works with us on EXCLUSIVE BASIS – our expert consultants are not for hire through alternative IT staffing companies.


Placing hundreds of IT professionals both inside and outside the U.S., Enterprise Logic's choice to routinely sit in on client interviews has resulted in Enterprise Logic's enhanced ability to deliver viable workforce placement strategies to clients.

Enterprise Logic firmly believes that the best method is always staying accountable to his clients. Boasting an 80% success ratio in talent placements in IT work at Enterprise Logic, working with multiple Fortune 500 Companies, EL embraces not just accountability, but also transparency, in serving Enterprise Logic's clients' needs. This is just one of the reasons Enterprise Logic has developed a track-record of success.

Honesty, integrity and competence guide Enterprise Logic every step of the way. The extended Enterprise Logic family is made up of the numerous seasoned IT professionals worldwide who have often served the evolving IT field for decades. Having impressive backgrounds, high standards, and IT skills to suit any needs in the US and worldwide, Enterprise Logic will gladly share with you extensive, additional information about our exclusive IT talent and candidates.

Upon assessing your IT needs, we will present to you and discuss the right IT professionals that we can immediately match to meet your IT needs.


At Enterprise Logic, our aim is raise the bar higher in meeting clients' IT needs worldwide. By associating with only the finest IT talent and utilizing IT experienced recruiters to locate and recruit talent, we realize this mission each and every time we fulfill our clients' needs. Our talent remains ahead of the curve in emerging technologies to better serve your needs. Staying dedicated to this mission over the years has resulted in numerous repeat clients. Our dedication to educating, improving and refining our talent's skills has fostered a culture of growth that breeds loyalty and success for us all.

Our Promise

The leadership at Enterprise Logic embraces only the highest-quality standards in our results. We believe that attracting and retaining the very best IT talent is what makes us one of the top IT companies in the U.S. We achieve this buy utilizing only IT industry experts as our recruiters.

We support our talent every step of the way, and we see to it that our IT consultants and seasoned experts stay on top of emerging trends in the industry. This includes guiding their careers along with encouragement to further their learning along with finding additional methods of exposing themselves to emerging technologies and ideas to further benefit our clients.

With our proven track-record and our steady history of clients returning to us time and again to meet the full range of their IT needs, Enterprise Logic promises to deliver the same quality and results to meet your IT staffing needs.


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Company Spotlight

  • Ranked one of the fastest growing IT Staffing companies.
  • Ranked "#1" staffing Supplier by 70% of our clients.
  • Ranked "Top 3" supplier by 95% of our clients.
  • Ranked one of the best companies to work for.
  • Diversity

    Enterprise Logic is a Certified Minority Company

    NMSDC Certified – National Minority Supplier Development Council

    HUB Certified – Historically Underutilized Business Certified.